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Add your affiliate link to your email signature

1. Go to your email settings.
2. Paste your affiliate link URL into the email signature field.

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The italki Teacher Affiliate Program will continue to improve as we build out this program.  We are excited to help our teachers earn even more money simply by letting others know about italki.  Please don't hesitate to provide feedback as we continue to build this program. 

Write a blog?  Add your affiliate link when you refer to italki

If you write a blog, simply embed the teacher affiliate link whenever you refer to italki.

"...Check out italki. You can check out my Teacher profile page!..."


Share your italki Teacher Profile Page on Social Media

Let your friends and followers know that you teach on italki!  Raise awareness of your profile and the languages you teach using Facebook, Twitter, G+, VK, Weixin and other Social Media outlets.

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Add your affiliate link to your italki Teacher Video Introduction and other language videos 

Youtube and Youku get many visitors.  Take advantage of this exposure by adding a link to your Teacher Profile page.

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Teacher Affiliate Program

How does it work?

Create your Affiliate Link

Collect your Earnings

New Student Buys italki Credits

TOP Six Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Link:

You will get 8 USD for every new user that signs up and buys italki Credits on italki through your affiliate link!

We will send you a report of your affiliate link signups and money earned at the end of every month. For each valid affiliate sign-up, we will deposit 80 italki Credits into your Teacher Revenue Account which you can withdraw. (Learn More)

Promote your italki Teacher Profile (with your affiliate link) on Craigslist.org

Promote your teacher profile on craigslist.org (in any city in the world) and direct viewers to click your italki affiliate link.

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Participate in other language forums?  Add your affiliate link when you refer to italki

There are 100s of online language forums (answers.yahoo.com, quora.comforum.wordreference.cometc.), simply embed your affiliate link whenever you refer to italki.  

PLEASE REMEMBER: You must provide useful contributions in forums. Please help people by answering their questions and then referring to italki. 

"...I hope I answered your question. If you have any more questions you can find me on italki. Here is my Teacher profile page!..."


Still have questions? Click here or email support@italki.com

Go to your teacher profile and get your teacher ID number from the URL.

Add ?ref= in front of your teacher ID





Add x to the end of your teacher ID

For example:


Link to italki Home Page (with affiliate link)




Link to your Teacher Profile (with affiliate link)



Add any italki URL  in front of your personal Affiliate Link

(This is your personal Affiliate Link)

Your Teacher ID